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studio 2 for hire at SSOPA

"My 3 daughters dance at SSOPA and we all love so many aspects of the dance school. The teachers are brilliant, the choreography is amazing and original, I especially love the technique focus and my daughters love the friendships they have made. One happy dance family."

- Meegan Jurd

"Lara's life is dancing & she is happiest dancing at Simones, Lara has improved so much since starting at Simones school of performing arts."

- Amanda Ell

Amanda Ell
studio 2 for hire at SSOPA

"My girl has been dancing at Simone's School of Performing Arts since 2009 and just loves it. Every performance, every concert fills me with pride (and that's not just for my girl) This studio and everyone who belongs to it are so supportive and everyone is encouraged to be who they want to be".

- Ben Stig

"Coming to dance classes at Simone’s school of performing arts is our favourite time of the week. Seeing how happy it makes my little girl makes me even happier."

- Courtney Riddle

studio 3 for hire at SSOPA
studio 2 for hire at SSOPA

"My Daughter Hannah has danced with Simone's School of Performing Arts for 8 years now, and it is the most professional dance school.
My daughter had separation anxiety at such a young age, so a friend of mine told me to put her into dancing, and thanks to Simone she is now confident.
The Friendships made will be everlasting."

- Ally Stillaway

"Simone's is a supportive and encouraging dance school, producing amazing technique and routines! We wouldn't go anywhere else!"

- Kat Mischewski

studio 3 for hire at SSOPA
studio 2 for hire at SSOPA

"Our girls joined SSOPA after a recommendation from a friend, at the beginning of 2012. It was the best decision we made. Qualified teachers soon had the girls dancing with great technique, control and skill. Their confidence grew as they danced in troupes and as soloists, achieving great results. Amazing friendships were formed with the other dancers, they are so supportive of each other to.

If you are looking for a great dance school, with qualified teachers that have the experience to train your children properly, then Simone's is the dance school for you. 6 years on, both our girls still love dancing and being a part of SSOPA."

- Katrina Taylor

"Such a warm, positive and encouraging environment. There is a great balance of working hard and progressing with strong technique as well as having fun and enjoying dance and doing what they love."

- Kym Lauchlan

studio 3 for hire at SSOPA
studio 2 for hire at SSOPA

"My daughter loves attending classes at Simone’s School of performing Arts. She has so much fun- it is the highlight of her week."

- Melissa Were

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This is a place to be motivated to achieve your goals, to strive for excellence, to make friends forever and always call SSOPA your family.

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