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Adele Marlin


Adele Kahler joined the SSOPA team in Feb 2017 after moving to the Central Coast from Sydney and she couldn’t be happier! From her first class at SSOPA the student’s work ethic and commitment to dance completely blew her away. She knew she had to work with these kids! Not only are the SSOPA students fierce, young dancers with superb training, they are also some of the nicest kids on the coast. Adele loves being welcomed each week by their contagious energy and charisma. She loves that they can work incredibly hard as a team yet they each have something unique to bring to the studio.

At 33 years of age Adele has lived and breathed dance all her life. With her creative flare, fine eye for detail and her many years of experience to back her, she is a choreographer/teacher not to be missed. Adele has successfully choreographed many winning pieces for competitive dance studios, fulltime courses and high schools all over Sydney and the Central Coast.

Before delving into the teaching/choreography side of things Adele enjoyed a very successful career as a dancer. She completed all her training at Brent Street Performing Arts where she studied all styles of dance, singing and acting. Her high school years were completed through Brent Street’s selective performing arts high school. Adele then went on to fulltime completing Brent Streets Fulltime classical/contemporary course mentored by Sarah Boulter. To finish off her training Adele successfully received her certificate 5 in performing arts. After graduating in 2008 Adele was lucky enough to work and perform alongside some industry greats such as: Macy Gray, Kaz James, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Tina Arena, Kelly Rowland, Toni Lamond, John Paul Young, Guy Sebastion, Paulini and Olivia Newton John. Adele has appeared on various television shows, video clips, movies, charity events and corporate functions. She also performed numerous times on the Kerri Anne Kennelly Morning Show, Sunrise, MTV, Nickelodeon and FOX 8. In 2012 Adele spread her wings into the contemporary world where she worked with some renowned Australian contemporary choreographers including: Narrelle Benjamin, Mike Van Loon, Kay Armstrong, Marnie Palomares and Anton. In 2016 Adele wished to broaden her knowledge of the mind and body by completing her yoga teacher training through ‘Santosha yoga’ in Indonesia.

On her return she launched her business ‘Lokah Creative’ with a vision to inspire and empower young people going through difficult times through a creative blend of dance, yoga, mindfulness and creative projects. Adele’s latest project saw her direct, choreograph and dance in the film clip ‘Demons’ by one of Central Coast’s leading bands The Sea Gypsies. Adele was featured in Dolly magazine in a yoga role model for teen’s series which focused on mental, physical health and body issues faced by young girls. As a qualified yoga practitioner Adele has introduced yoga in the workplace to many businesses and is grateful to be Central Coast Council’s go to yoga teacher.

With her colourful background Adele makes for an amazing teacher and mentor for the students of SSOPA. She is not only passionate about educating her students in quality dance training, she also genuinely cares about each child’s personal development not just as dancers but as a people. She hopes to empower her students and teach them lessons to carry on throughout life and not just on stage.

The joy from being a part of Simone’s School of Performing Arts will motivate your child to achieve their goals, to strive for excellence, to make forever friends and to always call SSOPA your family.