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Simone Mann

Artistic Director

My story, my journey

I started dancing at the age of 2 and by 4 years old I was hooked. All I ever spoke about was dancing, how much I loved to dance and the love I had for my teachers. That's when I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I wanted to teach the art of dance and be the very best teacher I could ever be.

In 1991 Simone’s School of Performing Arts was born and that passion for dance still lives with in me today. The passion of wanting to teach children to be the very best they can be, the passion to see our studio always performing at number one and the passion and joy on our students faces when they achieve a step they have been working so hard on.

I created Simone’s School of Performing Arts because I wanted to make a strong impact on the dance world. I wanted to show my love of dance not only in teaching but teaching great and unique choreography to children of all ages and levels.

I feel like I have been so blessed to be a part of so many amazing, beautiful children’s lives.

I was so lucky to grow up in an amazing studio myself, with my training and mentors being none other than Glenda Yee and Lee Windon, these two extraordinary dance coaches inspired me to be the very best I could be and still do to this day. I trained in every style of dance and the performing arts including singing and drama. Qualified and trained in the syllabus of R.A.D, F.A.T.D & A.T.O.D. learning Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Commercial Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Tap, Street Tap, Classical Ballet, Lyrical and Contemporary.

I have won over 80 choreography awards and also internationally recognised working for music producers in America, choreographing and training the all-girls band the “Six Flavours”.

My extent of training has lead me to train and grow very successful dancers in my own studio.

Simone’s School of Performing Arts is recognised for their love and passion in the dance world.

This studio is my life, my baby, my everything.

Simone Mann xx

This is a place to be motivated to achieve your goals, to strive for excellence, to make friends forever and always call SSOPA your family.