13yrs + Boys & Girls – Recreation Program

At Simone's School of Performing Arts, our recreational dance classes are suitable for everyone, with no experience is required! With classes running through the week and offering a range of styles, we will surely have a class that will suit your teenager. Simone's School of Performing Arts is the perfect place to make new friends, build your fitness and confidence, and discover the fun of dance. .

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'Creating Confident Kids'



Ballet class is perfect for those looking to explore a softer side of dance. It covers the fundamentals of ballet while encouraging expression through movement.


Jazz is simply great fun, dancing to all your favourite songs of today. In this class, you'll work on your flexibility, strength and coordination while building your confidence and performance personality.


Lyrical dance is expressive and an excellent progression from ballet as students grow in their discovery of dance. Movements in Lyrical can range from soft and flowy to abstract and angular. This is the perfect class if you're ready to feel your emotions as you dance.


Hip hop is the class for anyone wanting to keep up with the latest trends and discover a more grounded side of dancing. A stylised combination of street funk, hip hop and pop is similar to styles seen in music video clips. These classes, whilst being well-structured and progressive, are a lot of fun and great for confidence building

Get Started With A Free Trial Class Today! Get Started With A Free Trial Class Today!

The joy from being a part of Simone’s School of Performing Arts will motivate your child to achieve their goals, to strive for excellence, to make forever friends and to always call SSOPA your family.