SSOPA Company

SSOPA Company Programs for Boys and Girls, SSOPA Company- Jazz, SSOPA Company - Hip Hop, SSOPA Company - Lyrical, SSOPA Company - Contemporary, Open Ballet Pro Company, Open Tap Performance

SSOPA Company is a bridge into the performance industry.

SSOPA Company is one of the leading companies on the Central Coast. Our dancers are educated and trained in all the styles of dance under the guidance of our deicated Choreographers and Teachers Adele Kahler, Lauren Hustler and Ben Read these students are trained to achieve their goals in a positive environment. We are involved in the total development of each unique dancer, by exposing their talents we will enchance their direction as performers.

This multi award winning team is always pushing to new levels.

If you / your child are interested in being a member of this team. Please feel free to contact us today for your private audition.

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This is a place to be motivated to achieve your goals, to strive for excellence, to make friends forever and always call SSOPA your family.