“Stretch & Technique Program” – Boys & Girls ALL AGES – ALL LEVELS

Our conditioning programs are one of the finest in NSW.

Simone Mann who is the Head Director for our Strengthening and Conditioning program has brought students to win over 40 ‘Technique of Excellence’ Awards.

Students who attend this program will love the motivation and positivity this program brings to every class. These classes will drive their strength and technique through the roof.

This syllabus provides our students with - “Power Jumps”, Turn like a Pro”, and “Conditioning for the Elite Dancer”.

You/your child will learn how to practice safe dance in caring environment where every student receives individual attention to provide the tools and knowledge to go home and practice every step correctly.

They will learn how to land jumps safely and lightly. They will become stronger to take on those big movements. You are never too young or old to benefit from our “Stretch & Tech” program.

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This is a place to be motivated to achieve your goals, to strive for excellence, to make friends forever and always call SSOPA your family.